Child Protection Information


Protecting our children from abuse and harassment is a responsibility we must all undertake. We have implemented strategies that assist in preventing child abuse from occurring, and as such Bonnet Bay Sports Club Inc takes a pro-active role in relation to child protection and intervention. These strategies will help to foster a safe and positive environment for children and young people to participate in baseball activities.

We are committed to ensuring that the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people is maintained at all times during their participation in activities run by the club. Bonnet Bay Sports Club Inc requires members to abide by the appropriate Code of Behaviourand Harassment Policy as set out by the ABF Members Protection Policy.


We aim to promote a safe environment for all children and to assist all staff, officials, coaches, members and volunteers to recognise child abuse and neglect and to follow the appropriate notification procedures, as detailed in the NSW Baseball League Member Protection Policy , when reporting alleged abuse.

For further information please contact our Child Protection Officer.