2017/18 Online Registrations ‘Now Open’

2017/18 Online Registrations  are ‘Now Open’.

This year all player registrations are required to be lodged online through the Sports TG website.

The link to Bonnet Bays online registration form is below;


There is also a ‘Step by Step’ guide to the online registration system below.

Screen 1 – Create account
This is the first page you will see. You need to input your personal details to create a logon.

Screen 2 – Player Details
In the first drop down box you can choose whether you want to register yourself or someone else. You will then need to fill out the remaining details for the PLAYER and click next.

Screen 3 – Applicable fee’s
This screen will show you a break down of the fee’s. There will be a Baseball Australia & Baseball NSW component which are mandatory and cant be un-checked. There will also be a component labelled ‘ Club league age ? fee’s ‘. This is the Bonnet Bay component and must be checked. Do not check any other fee’s that may appear.

Screen 4 – Player Details & Terms and Conditions
On this screen you will need to fill the players personal particulars and then agree to the terms and conditions. Lastly there is space to enter if you or you child would like to placed in a particular team. If you put other players names we will try and keep everyone together.

Screen 5 – Summary
This screen will provide details of the applicable fee’s for the player and give you the option to add another player or player’s if you wish.

Screen 6 – Payment
You will now have the option to pay via credit card or PayPal

Screen 7 – Confirmation and order number
You will now receive a order number and a welcome email to your designated email address.

Any problems you can email playforbonnetbay@gmail.com

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